The Art Of Using LinkedIn To Job Hunt And Network Simultaneously

The number of articles discussing job hunting and networking today are similar to grains of sand; the number is neigh uncountable. However, this article is a bit different. It describes a mash up of both! It describes how to use LinkedIn to job hunt and network simultaneously.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform used by 400+ million professionals to network, recruit, and inform. Ideas, methods, and tools are exchanged; jobs are posted, resumes requested, and pre-interview conversations are started between recruiters and candidates; and professional networks are grown to enhance both of the previous activities through volume.

How to Network…

First, establish a LinkedIn Profile. You’ll need a memorable, descriptive tag line below your name instead of the default position description, a professional warm picture, a custom URL, an engaging summary, and several relevant skills you’d like to be known for to serve as keywords to help you get found by recruiters.

Second, you’ll want to comment on articles and feeds from around LinkedIn and the Internet that interest you; might interest those at companies you’d like to work for; or are about companies you’d like to work for or industries you’d like to work in. This awareness and engagement sets you up for the next phase.

How to Job Hunt…

First, decide which two or three geographical regions you’d like to live in. This could be counties, states, or countries. It depends on you.

Second, look at job announcements from those regions and determine which three to five employers are predominant in those areas.

Third, research them and learn about their business, industry, market, challenges, and opportunities.

Fourth, begin connecting and engaging with employees of those companies on LinkedIn. Genuinely and authentically.

Your profile and activity will start to show up with others LinkedIn at those companies. This will expose you to a greater number of connections up and down the companies’ management structures, which may lead to knowing someone who knows someone interviewing. Plus, you’ll have connections in the company when hired, and know others in the industry with whom you can interact with and learn from. You’re networking!


When you have a professional LinkedIn profile, you can use it to network. The folks you’ll add to your network should work at companies in industries and geographical areas you’d like to live and work in. You can connect and interact with them, which increases your familiarity to them, which can increase the likelihood you’ll hear of opportunities to apply with the company through unconventional channels. You’ll be demonstrating The Art Of Using LinkedIn To Job Hunt And Network Simultaneously.

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