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What is Military Jobs Network?

We are a startup that operates in Maryland and Washington DC.  Our team is made up of  Veteran advocates. We focus on making matching jobs, employers and Veterans easy, fast and accurate. We build tools to help Veterans launch a fulfilling civilian career.

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Find Veteran jobs by browsing openings or search for skills, locations and interests. Get matched to jobs based on your profile and interests. Get email alerts for new Veteran job postings.

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Quickly and easily join Military Jobs Network. Build your resume or import information directly from LinkedIn. Highlight your strengths and skills.  Send your resume directly to employers.

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We find employers that want to hire Veterans. They value your skills, experience, and service. Match the Veteran jobs that meet your needs and interest. Get advice and tips through our networking forums and blog posts. Embark on your civilian career today!

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Join Military Job Networks to find Veteran jobs. Network with other Veterans in our forums. Search for jobs that fits your needs. Search by industry. Filter by location. Get matched to jobs needing your skills. Connect directly with employers with Veteran jobs and land the job you want.