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Why Military Jobs Network?

We are a Veteran advocate run startup that operates in Maryland and Washington DC. We team with large organizations and employers who support the Veterans of America. Our employers want to only hire Veterans – including one’s with the Auto & Transpiration skills and experience you earned in the service.

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Find auto & transportation jobs by browsing openings.  Or search specifically in automotive and transportation industry. You can filter by location to find work where you want to live. Get matched and receive email alerts for new automotive and transportation jobs that match your interests.

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Build your resume or import your LinkedIn profile to highlight your auto and transportation experience. Then, send your resume directly to employers. Or you can apply to automotive and transportation openings through LinkedIn. We make it easy to connect to employers who have the jobs you want.

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Employers want to hire Veterans for their auto & transportation skills. Get the advice and tips you need at Military Jobs Networks. Read our blog for the latest in career search information. We give you all the tools you need to land that perfect civilian job.

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Find Auto & Transportation Jobs for Veterans

We connect Veterans to auto and transportation jobs: from commercial trucking, shipping, hauling, maintenance, logistics or more. You can network with auto and transportation hiring managers. Search for jobs in the automotive or transportation industry. Get matched to automotive jobs that fit your skills. Connect directly with employers and land the job you want.