1776 is a global incubator and seed fund helping startups transform industries that impact millions of lives every day— industries like education, energy & sustainability, health, transportation and cities.

SCOUT Military Discounts is an app that puts information about military discounts at the fingertips of veterans, active military and their families.

AET Hosting Solutions and AET Holdings Corp offers a full suite of web hosting solutions including cloud and managed networks to start-ups, small businesses, educational and non-profit customers at an affordable price.

VOLT Military Heroes Program and VOLT Workforce Solutions is designed to provide returning American military service veterans with access to exceptional employment opportunities at some of America’s top corporations. The skills, experience, determination and motivation demonstrated by American service veterans are second to none and represent a natural match for American companies wishing to maintain their competitive edge in global markets.

Wheeland Lumber Company is a fourth generation family owned business with humble beginnings in 1940. Hard work, honesty and determination are the values that motivate our employees and are the basis for our continued growth in the industry. We have always believed that one needs a vision for the future, that change is a healthy motivation for growth and promotes a strong unity of people working together to accomplish a common goal. We take pride in our products and services and are experienced and dedicated to providing top quality forest and lumber products our customers can rely on.

University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Connecting to a trusted resource is critical for a successful transition from military service to civilian life. University of Maryland University College has identified several resources that can help you and your family. Take advantage of the many great services available.

2U | No Back Row approach includes immersive course content, live face-to-face classes, real-world learning experiences, social engagement and dedicated student services. This approach ensures that every student experiences the highest quality education to produce the most successful outcome.

At Mentors For Military, we provide information to our military and veterans via a live audio podcast that inspires and empowers them to be successful both professionally and personally. We believe these warriors transition from the military into a very different environment than they left. Our podcasts are saved to iTunes, Soundcloud, our company website, and other media locations where military and veterans can listen to them for free at their leisure. We employ an easy-going approach to our show that is entertaining as well. Our guests are corporate executives, veterans, active duty military, military spouses, executive and life coaches, counselors, etc. who believe in our Armed Forces and want to help each listener succeed.

Many of today’s transitioning military Members, Veterans and Retirees face untenable unemployment and underemployment, even though the majority of them have project management experience, talent, and skills. A career in project management is meaningful, lucrative, and leverages their relevant experience, talent, and skills. However, the military complex, the industry, the profession, and most Veterans do not realize this, so the problem persists.  As a social need-driven company, Vets2PM is the first mover in the Veteran to Project Manager space (i.e. Vets2PM) – informing, educating, training, preparing, and placing Veterans as experienced, credentialed, professional project managers.  Please visit  www.vets2pm.com to learn more, and join us each Wednesday night from 7-9PM EST as we walk transitioning military Members, Veterans and Retirees through the process to enter the CIVDIV as PMs.  You can register at www.vets2pm.com.

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