Thank you to all Veterans, US Military Servicemembers, and Veteran families.

We appreciate your service to your country. So, Military Job Networks built a platform designed to make your re-integration and transition challenges smoother, easier, and more hopeful.

Military Job Networks is run by Veteran advocates.  We have offices in Washington DC and Silver Spring MD. A small team of passionate IT professionals with Government contracting experience run the company.

Military Job Networks has significant partnerships with many large, respected organizations who support the Veterans of America. Our mission is to empower Veterans to be able to obtain a meaningful civilian career after their Military service.

Our goal is to make Veteran hiring easy and compliant for our Employer partners, while providing easy tools for Veterans to launch fulfilling civilian careers.  We will continue to improve our platform every day and will use feedback from members to inform our future development and design changes.

Military Job Networks is proud to be part of the first 25 startups to be accepted into the 1776 startup incubator in Washington DC.  1776 and the Washington DC area enable Military Job Networks to positively impact Veteran hiring.

Please tell others about Military Job Networks to put Veterans to work in truly meaningful civilian careers that they deserve for the sacrifices they have given to our country during their US Military service.