MJN Spotlight: Harold Cash

Harold Cash joined the Air Force in the mid 1970s. He opted out of going to a tech school in Portugal, and was instead stationed at the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida as a civil engineer. While he was in the service, he was part of an experimental special services team. It focused on karate, and included fighting in intramural competitions between different bases. He traveled around while he was in temporary duty, and his military service ended in 1980. At the time he left, he was a Private First Class.

Transitioning out of the military was not too difficult for Harold. He has always thought of himself as a very independent person, and believes it is important to take whatever life throws his way and keep going. After leaving the military, he worked at the Patuxent Naval Air Station, and opened his own karate school.

For the past almost 30 years, Harold has been working on building and renovating houses with a construction company. About a year ago, he decided that it was time for a change. He got a partner, and decided to work on flipping houses. Harold quit his job in construction so that he would be able to find the deals and houses necessary for his new endeavor.

While they waited for their business to pick up steam, he started driving for a ride-share company so that he could continue to make money. He drove with one organization for about three months, but was not set on staying where he was.

One afternoon, a marketing person for the rideshare company Split got into his car. The two had a conversation, and the person from Split offered to have him come in and meet the whole team. Harold went in for a meeting, and was immediately impressed with the corporate culture of the organization. “It really was about making sure that everyone has what they needed,” he said. “Not just the company, but the drivers and the riders.” He has been working with Split for a little over a year. In the meantime, he and his partner still work on flipping houses.

Harold’s advice to any person in the process of transitioning out of the military is to always be looking for opportunities. “The biggest lessons I have ever learned in life is that opportunity is everywhere, your eyes have to be open and you can’t not look for it,” he said. He says that he personally has always looked for the opportunities, and has been successful in doing so. He advises other people to try the same thing. Harold further states, “the opportunities that exist are the direct result of the freedom that they (troops) provide by the job they do in defense of our country and I’m standing up and saluting them.”

Military Job Networks would like to highlight one of its partners, Split. As a way to put a spotlight on this partnership, the Military Job Networks blog is featuring some of Split’s own veteran drivers. Split is a DC-based shared ride app offering convenient, efficient, and affordable transportation that people can rely on everyday. For more information about Split, visit their website or download their app. Sign-up with code MJNRIDES for 2 free ride credits!