MJN Partner : SheerID

SheerID is an eligibility verification service that was specifically designed to help companies offer exclusive discounts to the military market. Military Job Networks started working with SheerID to help verify that our community remained veterans only. Here is their story and why eligibility verification is such an important tool for both companies and military members to utilize.

Day in and day out, we are fortunate enough to have the United States military community protecting our freedom. While we could never fully repay the men and women who have traveled overseas, the single parents and families who allow their loved ones to leave, and most of all, those who have given their life in the line of duty, there are things our nation can do as a small sentiment of appreciation.

Many companies have found that one of the best ways they can support and connect with the military community is through providing exclusive offers. This could include anything from a percentage off a purchase, to access to a military only community (like Military Job Networks) or a loyalty program specifically for military members offering exclusive benefits.

Unfortunately, in an age where consumers have the option to shop in-stores, online, mobile, or over the phone, offers meant exclusively for the military community were being taken advantage of and often going viral. Some shoppers were even willing to go as far as fraudulently claiming they were a service member just to receive savings on their purchase. While companies wanted to continue offering benefits to the military community, they needed a way to ensure that only the military community had access.

In 2012, SheerID opened its doors specifically to solve this problem through eligibility verification. With eligibility verification, companies can guarantee that only the members of the military community have access to their exclusive military offers. Throughout the last five years, we have worked with wonderful organizations such as Military Job Networks to provide these offers via online, mobile, call centers and in-stores. We have partners across the country who rely on our verification to make sure the military community is receiving the benefits that are offered only to them.

While eligibility verification from SheerID is an important tool for companies looking to support military members, it also provides many benefits to the military community itself, including:

Easy access to exclusive military discounts through a simple verification process.
Simple verification, which only requires name, affiliations, date of birth, and email. We will never ask for sensitive personally identifiable information such as a Social Security Number.

SheerID only uses someone’s information to confirm their eligibility. We do not rent or sell this information. We do not store documents or images uploaded to our system. Data security is our top priority.

Eligibility verification gives military members access to exclusive discounts and offers on all shopping channels, not just in-stores.

Helps to eliminate fraud and fake claims of service specifically around discounts and offers exclusively for the military community.

At SheerID, our goal has always been for military eligibility verification to connect the military community with the best exclusive offers and to help companies continue to offer great discounts. We are excited to continue to making this process even better in the future.