Message from General Arthur J. Gregg

November 12, 2015

Mr. George Purcell II, CEO and President
Military Job Networks

Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Purcell:

As we have honored veterans on this Veterans Day 2015, I salute the efforts of Military Job Networks (MJN) in helping to connect veterans to employers and employers to veterans. Our veterans have served our Nation honorably and well, and have helped to maintain the greatness that is uniquely America.

As you obviously appreciate, veterans make outstanding employees. They are mature,
responsible, loyal and highly motivated. Many have had extensive training and work experience while serving, and are eager to get established in the private sector. Their training and experience covers a wide range of career fields like electronics, mechanics, food service, logistics and administration. They are ready to bring value to the private sector. MJN makes it easy for Veterans to sign up for free. Create a profile on today and jump-start your career.

Best wishes for your continued success in serving veterans.


LT. GEN., U.S. Army (Ret)